Dybbuk Remix: Dancing Between Worlds, with Karen Goodman


UJA Committee for Yiddish, the California Institute for Yiddish Culture & Language, and Der Nister:LA Present




דיבוק איבערגעמיש: טאַנצן צװישן װעלטן


With Dancer, Choreographer, and Filmmaker



Pre-Recorded Presentation with a Live Q&A on Zoom, Sunday, February 4, 2024


Join us for this singular multi-media meditation on S. Ansky and his Dybbuk as related to the beautiful genre of Jewish art dance and the interplay between the weight of the past and its artistic expression in the present. The present, of course, includes the effects of the current war in Ukraine on Jewish historical identity.

The live presentation concluded with a viewing of Goodman's short film Dybbuk Remix: Dancing Between Worlds (2022). Filmed in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland (where parts of the Yiddish film Der Dibek were shot), it features a "beautifully personal and insightful dance performance by Goodman." The film has been well-received at film festivals and written up in LA Dance Chronicle.

**Note that the recording does not include the film, Dybbuk Remix. If you would like to view the film, please visit Karen Goodman's website, https://yiddishdances.com/, to find out more. You can also rent the film and watch the trailer HERE.


Karen Goodman is an LA teacher, Yiddish dance scholar, filmmaker and critically acclaimed modern dancer/choreographer. She produced/directed/wrote the documentary Come Let Us Dance on Yiddish folk dance, authored biographies on Bella Lewitzky and Margalit Oved for Encyclopaedia Judaica, and on Benjamin Zemach for University of Southern California's annual journal, Experiment, and speaks on the intersection of Jewish identity and modern dance.  Honors include a National Endowment for the Arts Choreographer’s Fellowship. She has choreographed 40 works and 5 full-length solos and danced with post-modern master Rudy Perez in NY and LA.  She taught at her LA studio, Danceworks, for 21 years as well as at LA County High School for the Arts, CalArts, Caltech, and as guest choreographer has presented Jewish or Yiddish-themed choreography. She has an MA in Dance from UCLA. https://yiddishdances.com/