Past CFY Programs

Celebrating the Poetry of Simcha Simchovitch

Join Gerry Kane and Cantor Sidney Ezer as we pay tribute to the legacy of award-winning Canadian Yiddish and English writer Simcha Simchovitch. Learn More and Watch the Recording

When Jesus Spoke Yiddish, with Naomi Seidman

Prof. Naomi Seidman traces the history of the Yiddish New Testament, from earlier translations that stayed close to Luther's renowned German translation, and 20th-century translations that attempted to produce a more Jewish Yiddish, and hence a more Jewish Jesus. Learn More and Watch the Recording

The Holocaust in the Soviet Union: New Discoveries, with Anna Shternshis

Professor Shternshis discusses her discovery of previously unknown material in Russian archives unsealed after 70 years about the Holocaust in Soviet-occupied territory, including Yiddish music created by women and children. Learn More and Watch the Recording

Whitechapel Noise, with Vivi Lachs

Musician and author Vivi Lachs presents the Yiddish song and verse of pre-World War I London. Collectively known in Yiddish as kupletn, they convey the history of the period with humour, intensity, and passion. Learn More and Watch the Recording

Einstein's Theory of Relativity, with Jordan Chad

In 1921, Albert Einstein supervised the preparation and publication of a book that arguably became the most concise and accessible summary of his renowned theory of relativity. Written in Yiddish by Einstein's student Judah Leman, this book introduced Eastern European Jews to Einstein's…