September 1: The Bashevis Singers at Ashkenaz



CFY is excited to present a free concert at this year's Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto



The Bashevis Singers


Date: Sunday, September 1, 2024, Time TBA

Location: Harbourfront Centre Theatre


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The Bashevis Singers are the children of generations of people who lived their lives in Yiddish. Evie Gawenda is a singer and award winning theatre director who is known and loved for the beauty and warmth of her voice. She has been singing with her brother Husky since they were children. Husky Gawenda is an award-winning songwriter and his cousin Gideon Preiss is a renowned Australian musician – they are the core members of the critically acclaimed band HUSKY. 

The Bashevis Singers have released four stunning albums. They span centuries of Yiddish and have brought to life classic 20th Century folk songs, new compositions based on mystical poetry written by legends of Judaism, and original songs written in collaboration with their father and uncle, journalist and author Michael Gawenda. 

Yiddish lives and breathes through their voices and melodies.