Past CFY Lectures

The Yiddish Voices of Kensington Market, with Vivian Felsen

Vivian Felsen talks about the mostly forgotten yet truly remarkable literary activity of this largely working-class, Yiddish-speaking community, and the uniqueness of its writers. Learn More and Watch the Recording

Plagues in Yiddish Literature, with Miriam Trinh

In this Yiddish-language talk, Dr. Miriam Trinh explores the theme of plagues within modern Yiddish literature. Learn More and Watch the Recording

Over the Moon: The True Colors of Marc Chagall, with Chantal Ringuet

Chantal Ringuet presents an English-language talk, "Over the Moon: From the shtetl to the City of Lights, the True Colors of Marc Chagall in Eygens". Learn More and Watch the Recording

A Disenchanted Elijah: S. Ansky's Destruction of Galicia, with Marc Caplan

Dr. Marc Caplan discusses Russian and Yiddish author S. Ansky's 1920 first-person account of the anti-Jewish pogroms at the border of the Russian and Austrian empires during World War I, Khurbn galitsye ("The Destruction of Galicia"). Learn More and Watch the Recording

The Legacy of the Yiddish Writer Deborah Vogel, with Anastasiya Lyubas

In this Holocaust Education Week lecture, Dr. Anastasiya Lyubas presents the literary legacy of Debora Vogel, a significant and mostly forgotten Yiddish writer who was murdered in the Lwow ghetto. Learn More and Watch the Recording